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2018 Smartphone Photography

4 picture collage: venice beach sunset picture, filtered flower, purple yellow bumblebee picture, edited bee red flower picture


How do you reconnect with your surroundings and retrain yourself to see whats out there? My idea? Take one interesting picture per day AND post it on social media. In the past everything about the world was interesting to me. I was curious. Lately, not so much. So, out comes the iPhone 7 whenever something catches my eye. Try it for a month. You will be amazed at how much your way of looking at everything changes. Your awareness increases dramatically. I STARTED JULY 15th.

Florida has such intense weather and incredible cloud formations, because of the ocean, that my picture hunts will always be successful. "Wee beasties" are everywhere, all the time, on all the different varieties of plants, bushes, and trees. Sometimes it's frustrating because colorful bugs, insects, and birds seem to always show up when my camera/phone is not available.

picture of the fountain during sunset at Stoneybrook Golf & Country Club.  Sarasota, Florida

Get Pictures Outside - 90 °F AND LOTS OF WALKING = LOSING WEIGHT ...

Something I noticed while doing this. I can't imagine how bad the insects would be without the hordes of lizards that are everywhere!

How has it been working out? In my eyes, pictures worth taking are now everywhere. Honestly, there were several days when an interesting picture was hard to come by. There was the temptation to point at something, anything, even slightly curious, and accept it as the one for the day. After a few days like that, where I had to force myself to really look at everything while hoping for a worthy picture, I was surprised to realize that being in the present was actually easier after only a few weeks of "looking" for good pictures. Stopping is not an option.

4th of July 2014 on the Detroit river picture on Grosse Ile Michigan, Sunset picture in Sarasota Florida, and a picture of a dock at The Historic Spanish Point in Osprey Florida.

To Be Continued... Taking Pictures Takes You Places

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